Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Cleaning with my eyes closed!!

Good evening everyone I hope you are all well, nothing to share tonight I'm afraid :0( a little while back I lost the charger for my camera....well I found it hooray!! Mysteriously back where it's kept (which I checked 100 times lol) so away I went happy snapping away at my samples and other creations all ready to load on to my IPad..............to find the lead missing to my camera rofl well I had to laugh or I would of cried! The little blighter has been found in the boyfriends "man draw"!! So tonight I have celebrated with a glass of wine and can now upload my pics :0) so normal service resume shortly just didn't want anyone thinking I had disappeared.

Hugs B xx

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  1. LOL - isn't amazing where "our" things turn up - especially when "nobody else" has touched them?! Hehehe.

    Enjoy your wine - hugs,

  2. I've still not found my charger ha ha must be catching xx